Structural Drying

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The Science of Structural Drying

It’s obvious to understand why structural drying is important. When a building has excess moisture in it or has been flooded the structural integrity of the building could be compromised. On top of that, you have the risk of mold growth and all the health hazards that comes with it. But few contractors understand the intricacies that go into complete structural drying. It’s not just about setting up large fans and dehumidifiers in the building. It’s about the science of drying a structure. Here at Restoration Connection, Inc. we apply science to our structural drying in Marion, IL. We understand that atmospheric moisture (depending on the time of the year) can affect the results and time frame of a job. More importantly, we know how to compensate for these factors. All of our structural drying projects in Marion, IL are done in accordance with the S500 Standard as set forth by the IICRC. To learn more about our meticulous process, call us at (618) 925-0085.

Meeting all Your Needs

There are many other factors that affect drying a structure. If the materials that have been affected are porous, they will take longer to dry. Moisture is also usually held in horizontally oriented materials like subflooring, bottom plates, and joists. And of course, different building materials dry at different rates. Restoration Connection, Inc. takes all this into consideration at the outset of a job. Get your entire structure dry with our help. Whether you own an industrial facility, commercial building or a home, if you need structural drying in Marion, IL we can get the job done. We have a vast array of drying equipment ready to go for your building no matter how large or small it is.

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Restoration Connection, Inc.‘s structural drying service in Marion, IL is efficient and neat too. We won’t make more of a mess of your building in the drying process. Instead, we will place our blowers and fans strategically so the job gets done as soon as possible. Don’t leave your building in the hands of amateurs. Call (618) 925-0085 and make sure the job gets done right.