Standing Water Removal

standing water removal

A Healthy Home is a Happy Home

You may think that little drip coming from your water heater is harmless. And maybe, for now, it is. But in very short order, the standing water that leak is leaving behind will start to damage the flooring, seep into the subfloor or into the cracks of your concrete garage floor and spur the growth of mold. Standing water can also cause increased humidity in your home which may make it uncomfortable. The fact is that standing water should be dealt with as soon as possible. Whether it be in your garage, bathroom or in your basement, it can do real damage. But when you call Restoration Connection, Inc. out for standing water removal in Marion, IL, we will remove the threat of standing water. It is a relatively quick and non-intrusive service so let us help you keep your home healthy and secure. To find out more about our standing water removal in Marion, IL and the surrounding areas, give us a call at (618) 925-0085.

Quality Service Offerings

Here at Restoration Connection, Inc., we use powerful fans and dehumidification equipment in our standing water removal service. The result is fast results that will save you a lot of hassle and money. When excess water has infiltrated your interior spaces, attic, basement or garage, you need thorough drying. Anything less than complete drying and removal may result in further damage. Before our job is done, we make sure that all moisture has been completely evaporated. We test for any lingering moisture and make sure your home or commercial property is ready for further restoration. Take advantage of this essential service now!

Immediate Service

Like many of our other restoration services, we offer standing water removal for emergency situations. While a puddle of water in your bathroom might not seem like an emergency situation, it could be the harbinger of a very serious problem that does require immediate attention.

Since we work locally from where we are based, we are able to reach you sooner than our competitors. We also offer very competitive prices for standing water removal whether it be an emergency or not. There is nothing to lose when you call on us. We can help restore order, health, and safety to your home. Get in touch with Restoration Connection, Inc. at (618) 925-0085 any time you need standing water removal in Marion, IL or any of the surrounding areas.