Sewage Cleanup

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Precise Sewer Cleanup Service

If your toilet is overflowing or your sewer lines are backing up and spilling in or near your home, immediate action should be taken. Make no mistake about it: sewage seeping into your home or leaking underneath it should be treated as an emergency situation. It can be very dangerous to your health since sewer water is likely to contain myriad bacteria and viruses. So keep our number in your phone at all times. We are Restoration Connection, Inc. and we offer precision sewage cleanup in Marion, IL, and surrounding areas. Call us at (618) 925-0085 to learn more.

How We Can Help

What do we mean by precise? Let us fill you in. There are three different categories of water leaks. The first category is the least threatening. It includes water coming from bathroom or kitchen faucets. The second category is reserved for contaminated water that comes from your toilet or washing machine. The third category poses an immediate and serious threat to your health as these types of leaks come from the sewage line and water beyond the toilet trap.

Each category needs to be dealt with in a specific manner and as quickly as possible. That’s where precision comes in. Restoration Connection, Inc. has the right equipment for every job and we will quickly determine the severity of the leak. Not all leaks will warrant sewage cleanup, but for the ones that do, you need a professional on your side. Call us at (618) 925-0085 and let us be your sewage cleanup professionals.

Immediate Sewage Cleanup

Sewage leaks are extremely dangerous and should be treated as an emergency situation. If you are ever in need of sewage cleanup in Marion, IL you can call on us day or night. We offer 24/7 emergency sewage cleanup service.

And there is no sewage leak too severe for us to take care of. While the project may not be completed in one day, much of the damage can be mitigated right away. That’s why it’s so important to dial our number as soon as you suspect that there is a sewage leak in your home. Also, keep in mind that we offer our sewage cleanup service for commercial and industrial properties as well. No matter what your emergency situation involves, Restoration Connection, Inc. will be there for you. Call us at (618) 925-0085 for professional and immediate sewage cleanup in Marion, IL.