Crawlspace Mold Removal

crawl space mold removal

Remove Contaminated Areas In Your Crawlspace

Mold can come in many forms and grow anywhere, but especially in places that are dark and damp like with your crawlspace. Crawlspace mold removal in Marion, IL is an integral part of getting your property back into stable and healthy conditions. Restoration Connection, Inc. is dedicated to providing professional expertise in the process of mold removal and will work diligently with safety in mind during the job. Give us a call at (618) 925-0085 for any of your questions or concerns regarding crawlspace mold removal.

The Multi-Step Process of Mold Removal

There is a science behind mold removal and mold growth, it’s important to know that mold can repeat growth and mold can form anywhere when enough moisture is present. That’s why maintaining your property with humidity and ventilation is just as important as removing contaminated mold-infested areas. Essentially mold removal will involve a multi-step process of inspection of mold damage, containing areas with mold to prevent further spread, air filtration, mold removal and removal of mold-infested materials, cleaning the area, and restoration.

crawlspace encapsulation to prevent mold

How Mold Acts & Solutions

Understanding how mold acts will allow you to keep proper ventilation and natural levels of humidity in your crawlspace. First be aware that as soon as water intrudes a property mold can form in as little as 48 hours. As mold spores are microscopic and float in the air mold can form anywhere indoors and outdoors. Once it lands on a surface and moisture is consistent colonies can begin to grow as soon as it’s exposed to water. That’s why number one, you should address mold removal by first removing any sources of water or moisture. You can best do this with crawlspace encapsulation which implements proper vapor barriers, insulation, and ventilation in the crawlspace. If you’d like to learn more about crawlspace mold removal in Marion, IL speak to one of our professionals today.

Contact a Trained Professional

It’s best to rely on a company with qualified training and expertise in the case of crawlspace mold removal in Marion, IL. Proper testing can be conducted with solutions to combat the spread of mold. Restoration Connection, Inc. is here to help you out at any time when you have concerns about mold on your property. Call (618) 925-0085 to speak to a professional about how you can improve your crawlspace and get started on changes for the better soon.