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Anywhere you have moisture build-up in your home, you’ll find mold. If you are seeing black, brown or greenish spots on your floors, walls, ceilings or elsewhere, you will want to get help fast with mold cleanup in Dale, IL. When you let mold stay around too long, it can cause structural damage in addition to health issues for you and your family. For mold remediation, the team at Restoration Connection, Inc. will respond to you quickly and effectively fight your mold problem. Learn more about our team or schedule an appointment by calling (618) 925-0085.

Our Mold Remediation Services in Dale, IL

If you are searching for fast, effective mold cleanup in Dale, IL, you can rely on the trusted experts at Restoration Connection, Inc.. We offer a full range of water damage restoration services including mold remediation and removal. When you have moisture build-up in your home, mold will likely grow and spread. Your home, and also your physical well-being, can be damaged by mold. When mold is present, you can suffer everything from headaches to itching eyes to upper respiratory infections. 

Mold grows because of any number of events from flooding to faulty HVAC ventilation. Most often you will begin to notice black, brown or greenish spots on walls, ceilings, baseboards or other areas. If you are concerned about mold but aren’t seeing any signs of it, our team of experts can come out and test for it. A common mold in homes is black mold that can be particularly harmful to your health, so you’ll need to get a team out soon for black mold removal. 

We are available around the clock for restoration and fast, effective mold removal services. Our fast response times are well known and our service is extraordinary.

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Whenever moisture build-up and mold growth occur and a fast response to mold cleanup in Dale, IL is needed, count on Restoration Connection, Inc. for prompt remediation. Our team offers comprehensive mold remediation and water restoration. Learn more about us or schedule an appointment at (618) 925-0085.